One new not so new service that is being implemented in CNS is a Fulfillment service.

What are some of the benefits? Well there aren't just some, there are a lot of benefits.

Think about it like this. No staff to worry about, no real work effort needs to be put into completing a shipment for your customer. To be honest there are many many more but this blog would turn in to more of a story than anything else. So those are the 2 main ones lol  

Picture this, you place your orders with your best vendors, um that's it. we store your goods free of charge* once an order if placed you send us the packing and shipping information. We pick, pack and ship out. Its that simple.

The most amazing part. We can do multiple types of fulfillment's, from Single drop shipping to wholesale shipping and even for Kit packing. whatever the size we can handle it. 

I'm telling you CNS is on fire when it comes to implementing new services, Technics and methods to get your goods from vendor to you and even to your end customer.

stay tune 


*storage fees may be assets in the event of long term storage of goods* 


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