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CNS Security is a top priority for us.

The Team


Meet Whiskey and Princess

Our security team has gone thru the most rigorous testing, background and health checks. They also have all of their vaccinations in order and are friendly.

But don't be fooled they are here to protect! 

Whiskey and Princess are both Pedigree Schnauzer.

You might ask why Schnauzer's. They are Hypoallergenic and shedding is extremely rare. these where the 2 most important factors when looking for a great security team. 

Safety is a huge concern for both our staff and the well being of your investment. 

We are also protected by ADT and count with a 24/7 surveillance system to assure everything is always monitored via our 36 camera system covering both interior and exterior.

If that weren’t enough we are also set up with a battery back up system that allows all safety systems to function for up to 7 days.